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The Clinic

Hridayam Heart Care Clinic offers a complete range of cardiac care services and clinical treatment programs. Hridayam Heart Care Clinic has emerged as a frontrunner in heart care treatments under the able aegis of Dr. Devang Desai. Dr. Devang Desai, a name of repute in cardiology circle has a bright academic record and professional record. Off the record, he has a soft heart and keeps active participation in Social functions too.

The fact is appreciated that in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, all medical facilities are not alike. We have earned our ranking as one of the nation's leading centers of cardiac care in many ways. We give special emphasis to patient satisfaction.

Dr. Devang's Personality - An insight

Dr. Devang Desai is a leading Interventional Cardiologist & Cardiovascular Specialist in South Gujarat and a Director of Cardiology department of Unicare Hospital, Sosyo Circle, Surat & B.D. Mehta Mahavir Cardiac Hospital, Surat. Dr. Devang Desai runs his own Non Invasive Diagnostic Clinic-HRIDAYAM HEART CARE CLINIC AT MAJURAGATE, SURAT.

Dr. Devang Desai achieved DM (Cardiology) and MD (Med.) degrees with highest rank and received fellowships from U.S.A., Germany and INDIA.

In the career span of 26 years Dr. Devang Desai has performed more than 39000 cardiac procedures including more than 17000 cardiac interventions like PTCA, Stenting, BMV, PBV, Pacemaker implantation, AICD, etc. Out of which more than 20% are critically ill IHD patients such as a cardiogenic shock and primary angioplasty.

He is the first Cardiologist who has performed Ulnar artery angioplasty and Stenting and he was already started Angioplasty program through Radial/Ulnar approach at Unicare Heart Institute & Shri B.D.Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute, Surat.

He was pioneer and first to do Rotablator & IVUS in surat before 7 years. he has visited heart failure center at Geneva-Switzerland for advance training in cardiac resynchronize therapy in heart failure

Recently Dr. Devang has started first programme of training other cardiologist in ROTABLATOR, IVUS, OCT and FFR test used during coronary intervention. He is performing independently ROTABLATOR, IVUS Technology for last 3 – 4 years.

Our Commitment

Implanted Latest Technology DRUG ILLUTED STENTS (30) reducing restenosis rate drastically.

Holding immense experience in peripheral renal interventions.

Pioneer work done in Rescuing Primary Angioplasty in Acute MI cases.


Provide prompt access to cardiovascular diagnosis, investigation, and management for our referring Physicians' patients.

Provide ongoing comprehensive cardiovascular care in a courteous, compassionate and caring manner.

Report promptly to the referring physician our recommendations based upon the principles of the latest evidence based medicine.

Encourage active participation in well designed clinical trials whose goals and objectives are to enhance overall cardiovascular care.

Provide "state of the art" non-invasive cardiac facilities to help achieve these goals.

Provide a medium for ongoing cardiovascular continuing medical education.

Develop database information technology to assist cardiovascular specialists in the management of cardiovascular disease.