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Research Work/Project/Publication/Oral Presentation

  • Worked on the dissertation (Original Research Work) in the subject of “A Prospective comparative Study between transthoracic and transeophageal echocardiography in patients with infective endocarditis” towards fulfillment of D.M. (Cardiology) course.
  • Carried out research projects during his temore in department of cardiology, B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Bombay on the following subjects
    • Angiographic study of graft and native vessels following CABGs
    • Predictive role of Echocardiographic wall motion abnormalities in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • Worked on thesis (Dissertation) in the subject of “Acute Methanol Poisoning – A clinicopathological study of 280 consecutive victims of an outbreak at Baroda during March 5-11-89 with a short term of follow-up of 109 survivors” It is the largest study of the victims of acute methanol poisoning from India.
  • Presented a paper on the topic of Angiographic study of graft and native vessels following CABGs during national conference of cardiology society of India at Madras from 18th to 22nd December, 1993
  • Recent Publications…
    • 6 Months Experience of the Axxion Coronary Drug Eluding stent in 166 “Real World, All Comers” Patient Population: A Multi Center, Observational, Prospective Data Registry between 19 January 2006 to 4 April 2007
    • One-year clinical outcomes of BioMatrix™-Biolimus A9™ eluting stent: The e-BioMatrix multicentre post marketing surveillance registry in india (Indian Heart Journal Available online 23 September 2013) 65 (2013) 593 - 599
    • Ashwin B. Mehtaa, Praveen Chandrab, Jamshed Dalalc, Prabhakar Shettyd, Devang Desaie, K Jayesh Prajapatig, Pramod Kumarh, Jayesh Prajapatig, Pramod Kumarh, Vilas Magarkari, V. Suryaprakash Raom, Ramesh Babun, Pritesh Parikhj, Tushar Mhetreq, Hrishikesh Rangnekarq, Upendra Kaulo, Aruna Patilp, B.K. Goyalk,
    • Ajit S. Mullasari, Suma M. Victor, Vijaykumar Subban, Devang Desai, Latchumandhas kalidoss, Sanjay Shah, Shireesh SatheSamuel Mathew. A Prospective, multicentre registry to assess an evorolius-eluting coronary stent system [PROMUS Element] for coronary revascularization in an unrestricted Indian population: the PROMUS Element India all-comers registry. Europa Digital & publishing 2017.
    • Dani S., Pandya R., Devang Desai, Bhalani N, Sharma A, Long term Safety and efiicacy of a novel abluminally coated sirolimus eluting stent in a diabetic patient population: two year report of the large, multicentre en-ABLe-registry. European Heart Journal 2016.
    • Luca Testa, Sameer Dani, Devang Desai, Rashmi Pandya. The influence of Diabetes Mellitus on clinical outcome following implantation of a novel abluminal coated sirolimus eluting stent that enhance drug delivery through the delivery balloon: insights from en-ABL e-registry.
  • Published following articles as case report and abstracts during his cardiology fellowship / superspeciality studies. [Year 1992 to 1994] in various national and international journals.
    • Case report on “Severe pulmonary hypertension due to thromboembolism following a ventriculo – atrial shunt”. [Under publication in JAPI]
    • D.M. Desai, S Sharma. Diagnosis of Sinus venosus atrial septal defect. JAPI 1992, 40 : 852 [Abst.)
    • D.M. Desai, Y.S.Loya, R.J. Pinto, S Sharma. Balloon valvuloplasty for pregnant patients with severe mitral and pulmonary stenosis, JAPI, 1995, 40 : 812 (Abst.)
    • R. J. Pinto, Y.S.Loya, D.M.Desai. Pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty in 135 cases : Immediate results and follow up. JAPI 1992, 40 : 812 (Abst.)
    • D.M.Desai, P Singh, R.J. Pinto, S Sharma. Magnetic resonance imaging in congenital heart disease. JAPI 1992, 40 : 285 (Abst.)
    • Y.S. Loya, D.M.Desai, R.J.Pinto, Jayprakash S, N.M.Gandhi, & S Sharma. BMV for Juvenile MS-Experience of 100 cases. JAPI 1992, 40 : 886.
    • N.M.Gandhi, D.M.Desai, R.J.Pinto, Y.S.Loya, S. Sharma. Transoesophageal versus thansthoracic echocardiography in selection of patients for balloon mitral valvotomy. Indian Heart Journal 1992, 44: 320 (Abst.)
    • D.M.Desai, L Shah, Dhruman Desai, J.N. Karibhase, R.H.Shetty. Angiographic study of graft and native vessels folloing CABGs. IHJ 1993, 45:345 (Abst.)
    • R. H. Shetty, D.M. Desai, P.I.Singh, Dhruman Desai, L Shah. Early symptom limited stress testing after myocardial infarction and angiographic correlations. IHJ 1993, 45 (No.5) : 383.
    • L Shah, Dhruman Desai, D.M.Desai, P. Singh, R.B.Patil, J.N.Karbhase. Balloon Mitral valvotomy using Inoue balloon – our experience of 50 cases. IHJ 1993,45 :398 (Abst.)
    • D.M.Desai, L Shah, P.Singh, R.H.Shetty, Dhruman Desai, S.L.Soneji. Coronary angiographic findings post thrombolysis in acute myocardial infactions. IHJ 1993, 45 : 422 (Abst.)
    • D.M. Desai, P.I.Singh, Dhruman Desai, R.H. Shetty, N.E.Borges and L Shah. Noninvasive cardiac evaluations in HIV positive patients. IHJ 1993, 45 : 370 (Abst.)
    • R.H.Shetty, D.M.Desai, P Singh, Dhruman Desai, & L Shah Role of Magnesium in acute myocardial infarctions. Its effect on the incidence of arrhythmias and early mortality. IHJ incidence of arrhythmias and early mortality. IHJ 1993, 45 : 421 (Abst.).
    • D.M.Desai, Y.S.Loya, R.J.Pinto, S Sharma. Balloon mitral valvotomy for mitral restenosis – a valid alternative to open heart surgery. IHJ 1992, 44: 283 (Abst.)