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Hridyam Heart Care Clinic

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Concept Diagnostic & Imaging Centre


  Multi Slice High resolution CT Scan with CT Angio
  Colour Doppler study of whole body
  Sonography of whole body
  3D / 4D Sonography
  Digital X-Rays
  Digital OPG
  Digital Mamography
  Radiological Procedure like IVP Study, Urography, Biopsy etc.
  Small part ultra Sound Sonography
  Musculoskeletal Sonography

It was started with latest radiological imaging equipments capable of 3D/4D Ultrasonography, Peripheral colour doppler, Digital X-Rays & procedures like IVP study, Urography etc. in 2013. Our journey is now fortifield in year 2014 with addition of multislice high resolution (16 slice) CT SCAN with CT Angio Capability at speed of 64 slice CT machine.

It also has facility of Inbuilt biopsy using online fluoroscopy to increase accuracy of biopsy technique and pediatric CT Scan capability. It has got capability of teleradiology solution to interconnect other centres where immediate report transmission is possible to referal doctors/centres.

In Mammography we have both sono as well as Digital X-Ray & radiological sonomammography facility. It is carried out by female technician by appointment.

Next room emergency room & Superspeciality hospital with Cardiology Facility & ICU/Defibrilator/Intensivist cum anesthetist for high risk radiological procedure / contrast induced hypersensitivity reaction is unique feature of the unit.

Dr. Anant Chaudhary has extensive experience of vascular colour doppler / Ultra Sonography & CT diagnosis.

Dr. M.C. Patel has extensive experience in CT Scan of body imaging & has done training for CT Chest with Biopsy & VASCULAR Imaging under guidence of Dr. BHAVIN JANKHARIA at SRL Imaging in Mumbai.

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Dr. Devang Desai (as Director of South Gujarat Cardiology Pvt. Ltd.) got this vision to start state of art radio imaging centre along with cardiology institute from his wife Dr. Purviben Desai (M.D., DMRD Radio), Who is gold medalist in radio diagnosis from Gujarat University

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Concept imaging centre was started by him next to Unicare Hospital & Heart Institute with vision to provide complete imaging care (24x7 days) of high resolution images & accurate diagnosis to the patients.